The rear end of a brand new Ford GT parked inside a shop, showcasing the bold and aggressive design of this high-performance supercar, with its immaculately clean dual exhausts, signature flying buttresses, and streamlined bodywork, exuding power and speed even at a standstill.

Automotive Exterior Detailing

Clean and Simple

✓ Professional hand wash, rinse, and dry

✓ Uses advanced foam cannon hyper wash

✓ Ensured gentle treatment for your vehicle's exterior
Tire shine application (if desired)

Price: $50

Duration: 1 Hour

Super Clean

✓ All features of "Clean and Simple"

✓ Premium citrus pre-soak treatment

✓ Targeted bug, oil, and grease removal

✓ Advanced wheel decontamination process for superior cleanliness

Price: $95

Duration: ~1.5 Hours

Super Clean & Sealed

✓ All features of "Super Clean"

✓ Protective light polymer coating application

✓ High-quality shine agent for UV protection

Trim Revitalization

✓ Keeps your car shiny, and retains cleanliness longer

Price: $130

Duration: ~2.5 Hours

Full Detail Package

✓ Comprehensive exterior detail

✓ Advanced treatments including clay bar and deep decontamination treatment

✓ Single stage paint enhancement or correction for the ultimate swirl-free shine and light scratch removal

✓ Trim Restoration

✓ Extended labor hours for meticulous detailing

Protective light ceramic coating application

Price: P.O.R.

Duration: ~6 Hours

Add Engine Bay Detail

+~1 Hour

The application of XPEL's Fusion Plus ceramic coating to the sleek wheel of a BMW, providing superior protection against brake dust, road grime, and other contaminants, while maintaining a flawless and glossy finish that enhances the car's overall appearance.

XPEL Ceramic Coatings

Get your car coated with XPEL's pro grade ceramic coatings! We offer:
✓ Paint & PPF Coatings
Wheel & Caliper Coatings
✓ Interior and Upholstery Coatings
✓ Glass Coatings

Contact us today to protect your car!

The luxurious and pristine interior of a clean Bentley Continental GT, featuring plush leather seats, polished wood accents, and state-of-the-art technology, showcasing the opulence and refinement of this high-end grand tourer's cabin.

Automotive Interior Detailing

Basic Clean
✓ Swift trash removal
✓ Intensive vacuuming & dusting
✓ Crystal-clear window cleaning
✓ Spot treatment for minor surface stains
✓ Finishing touch with new car scent spray
Price: $85
Duration: ~1.5 Hours

Essential Refresh
✓ All features of "Basic Clean"
✓ All-encompassing surface wash with interior cleaner
✓ Precision cleaning of vents using specialized brushes
✓ Seat belts meticulously cleaned
✓ Door jambs refreshed and cleaned
Price: $130
Duration: ~3 Hours

Deep Clean
✓ All features of "Essential Refresh"
✓ In-depth carpet shampooing or floor mat cleaning
✓ Comprehensive steam cleaning for a pristine finish
Removal of stuck debris from tight crevices
✓ Rich conditioning for leather, wood, and vinyl surfaces
✓ UV protective coating for plastics
Price: $ 270
Duration: ~6 Hours

Revitalize and Protect - Interior Ceramic Coating
✓ All features of "Deep Clean"
✓ Restoration of faded plastic surfaces to their original luster
✓ XPEL upholstery ceramic coating applied on relevant surfaces for lasting protection
Price: P.O.R.
Duration: ~8 Hours

Pull Seats for Any Interior Clean
+~2 Hours

Add Cloth Seat Extractions
+$45 / Seat, +$80 / Bench
+~0.5 Hours / Seat

Additional Available Services
In addition to automobiles, we can also enhance, restore, and protect:
✓ Boats
✓ Aircraft
✓ Residential and Commercial Space

Also ask us about:
✓ Exotic Car Rentals
✓ Paint Corrections
✓ Creative Visual Storytelling & Social Media Management

For paint protection film and window tint installation, we recommend Mirrored Image Auto Spa!

For vinyl wraps, check out Flores Custom Design!

We do not currently service the Monroe/West Monroe area. However, we highly recommend Weekend Warrior for customers in that area!

Prices listed on our website are base prices and may vary depending on specific factors and relevant considerations. Midsize vehicles such as crossovers and small trucks may add up to 15% to any listed price. Large SUVs and Trucks may add up to 25%. We also understand that pets or children in the car can cause a mess, which may add up to 10% to the cost of cleaning. Interior, exterior, and ceramic coating package deals may be coupled with other promotions, discounts, or offers. Please note that all of our services can be tailored to the wants and needs of each customer, so the prices listed may not be accurate. 

All interior detail packages include an air freshener. Please let us know before your service if you have any respiratory problems that would require us to prevent this portion of the service.

A sleek and shiny Aston Martin DB11 on an open road, with a vast field and blue sky in the background, showcasing the luxury and performance of this high-end sports car in a beautiful outdoor setting.
A luxurious and immaculate white Bentley Continental GT on display in a dealership, showcasing the opulent and refined design of this high-end grand tourer, with its polished chrome accents, signature grille, and sleek lines evoking a sense of timeless sophistication and style.
A vibrant yellow Porsche Cayman GT4, a sleek black Lamborghini Aventador, and a vinyl-wrapped C7 Corvette parked outside a shop on a bright and sunny day, showcasing the unique and impressive designs of these high-performance sports cars with their stunning colors, sharp lines, and aerodynamic shapes.